The educational centre “ VersLibre" College was created to provide additional education for adults aimed at teaching basic European languages for citizens of the Russian Federation as well as to provide additional training for foreign citizens to the level and in the manner sufficient for carrying out either entrepreneurial and investment activities or being able to study at institutions of higher education. 

  To the main European languages ​​we relate: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. As a rule, among our students are those who are engaged in the international business and who in the nearest future will have to live and work in another language medium. Therefore, the teaching process at our school is based on the methods which have very rich experience in the field ( Schechter's and Shestov's methods) and the teachers involved apart from their basic higher philological education have also been trained at the above mentioned authours' schools.We believe that language learning should be filled with different doings rather than with pure learning. 

 This is why the entire educational process is stored with different games in real life. Students have to act out their behaviour at language classes as if they find themselves in real life situations. Besides, foreign students with good English are being involved in teaching English students for whom the native language is Russian. Such an approach allows to turn the artificial language in the presence of a native speaker into a natural one. The same happens with Russian for a foreign student. Moreover, foreign students are constantly taking part in different cultural programs as well as they enjoy the opportunity to apply for a temporary job. 

  So, 24 hours in the medium of Russian for foreign students and 100% of the time at the educational process in the atmosphere of English for Russian students of English. It is this approach that facilitates to realize the basic motto of the Shekhter's school according to which a foreign language should be turned to a mother tongue. Isn't that the key to success?

  During the course of study foreign students will have a chance to consciously choose a university that meets their interests and to more than once attend it at the Open Door Days. It is very difficult to learn a foreign language but get used to it and turn into a need - No problem! We can help you! Give us a chance and we will prove our efficiency.  


 What kind of services do we provide foreign students with? 

 The students will be provided with any kind of necessary information regarding a particular university. Listed below are the services we are able to offer. 


 We can readily assist you in acquiring the needed letter of invitation from the selected university and the visa support letter to the Consular Service of the Russian Federation in your country. 


 This is also our task to facilitate your arrival and reception at the airport and eventual travel to your destination. Your general registration and accommodation is of primary importance for us as well. We shall be of help to you in acquiring life and health insurance and arranging different payments. Needless to say, you will have an opportunity to make telephone calls to your parents, relatives, friends. We request you to contact us immediately once you are ready to join this wonderful Study-Abroad Programme.


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   The Higher Educational System in Russia has its own features which can be regarded worldwide as remarkable. There's a great many foreign students currently enrolled in medical, engineering and economics universities at which they study engineering, computer science, transport technology, agriculture and business financial management. The standard of teaching at Russian Universities can be considered as most advanced, up-to-date and sophisticated in the world due to:

 - highly qualified professors and scientists;

 - up-to-date training and research facilities;

 - methods of teaching are regulated and updated and aimed at an extensive development of students in their specialties;

 - fee structure is considerably lower than in other countries because it is substantially subsidized by the Government of the Russian Federation;

- the Russian degrees enjoy global recognition and have topped in WHO and UNESCO rankings. These advantages give opportunities for more and more foreign students to enter the Russian Universities.


  Get in touch with us and give us some initial details about the intended course, university, school, educational center etc. We’ll help you pick up necessary info about the educational institution you plan to study at.Next step envisages filling in the application form and submitting it to the selected educational centre . The processing may last from one to three months till the letter of invitation is issued. With the original letter of invitation in your hand you may apply for visa to the Consulate/Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country. As soon as you get a study visa you may start preparing for departure. Now we kindly remind you that tuition fee, medical insurance, accommodation charges should be paid before your departure. The Verslibre consultant will mail you the admissions package with complete information that will help get ready for the journey to Russia.